"Gumpert successfully captures a significant shift in the way leading entrepreneurs are launching companies and attracting investors."
John R. Thorne, Morgenthaler Professor of Entrepreneurship, Carnegie Mellon University

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Burn Your Business Plan!
Table of Contents

Investor Relations for Entrepreneurs

Perspectives on Business Planning

Chapter 1
Raising Money in an Age of High Anxiety: Why Investors Have Business Plan Phobia
The Real World
The Underlying Issues
Corrupted Process
Some Examples
The Messages
Costly Implications

Chapter 2
Ask the Wrong Question and You'll Get the Wrong Answer--Where We've Gone Wrong in Thinking About Business Plans
If it Seems too Good to be True
So Why Do We Keep Doing Business Plans?
Why We do It
What's the Problem?

Chapter 3
Is Planning a Useful Exercise? What the Research Shows
Some Scary Implications
Surprising Research Results
Whatís the Problem?
Learning from Celebrities

Seven Actions You Should Take Before Preparing a Business Plan

Chapter 4
Look Inward: What Is Your Startup Karma?
For Love or Money?
Karma and Your Business
Questions to Ask Yourself
What Investors Really Want to Know
The Entire Package

Chapter 5
The Presentation: Giving Form to Your Ideas
Getting Ready
Twelve Questions
Recycling Opportunity

Chapter 6
Compose a Synopsis
An Executive Summary
A Query Letter
Bringing the Two Together
An Example
Your Synopsis

Chapter 7
Develop Meaningful and Hard-Hitting Financials
The Financial Package
Putting It Together
Example Financial Documents

Chapter 8
Build a Web Site That Demonstrates Your Business Model
Typical Scenarios
What Every Web Site Must Accomplish
What You Don't Want from a Web Site
Putting It All Together

Chapter 9
Use Publicity to Attract Investor Attention
The Power of Publicity
Making Publicity Happen
Leverage Your Success
How Should You Handle the PR Function Ongoing?

Chapter 10
Touch the Marketplace
Why Demonstrating Demand Is So Important
Ten Ways to Demonstrate Demand
Turning Investors' Heads
Business Planning and the Investment Process

Chapter 11
What Youíre Selling and What Investors Are Buying: Capitalize on Investor Psychology
Human Nature
Investor Secrets
The Bottom Line
Dilution and the Economics of Investing
The Proper Reaction to Investor Interest

Chapter 12
Teaming Up with AOL for Love and Money: A Case Study
The Introductory Pitch
The Big Pitch
Key Ingredients

Chapter 13
The Best Investor Relations Approach for You
Meeting Investors
Impressing Investors
Negotiating Effectively
And What About That Plan?
Summary of Professional Investor Research
Appendix II
Research Study of Business Planning
Appendix III
What All Business Plans Must Cover